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Who the Heck is Freddie O’Connell?

Martin Kennedy - Friday, March 22, 2019
Some legislators write & promulgate newsletters.
Most are lousy.  Too partisan.  Overt self-promotion.  Fluff.    

Rule:  When a writer uses phrases like ‘left’ / ‘liberal’ / ‘far right’ / ‘religious right’ stop reading.  A waste of time.    

Metro council member Freddie O’Connell’s newsletter is smart, efficient, informative, candid, and non-partisan. 
He tells you about upcoming bills, how he’s going to vote and why. 
  1. I agree with the intent but not the right way to get there. I’ll be voting no.
  2. I understand the concerns of those who oppose X but the potential for Y is worth consideration.  I’ll vote in support  
And, practically single-handedly, he upheld community standards when he took down Kid Rock.  Kid Rock was slotted to be the Grand Marshal of the Christmas Parade.  A day or two before, he called a woman a ‘bitch’ on live national television.

O’Connell tweeted out simply that he wouldn’t be attending the Christmas parade, that Kid Rock did not represent the best of Nashville.  It got covered and thereby put pressure on the mayor who likewise pulled out.  The organizers yanked Kid Rock. 

It wasn't, you could sense, posturing.  He's a workhorse, not a showboat.  O’Connell provides a good model for public service.  

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