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When Lee Met Christi

Martin Kennedy - Monday, March 18, 2019

Politics is to policy as weather is to climate.  Policy is about ideas and fundamental principles.  Politics is about presentation, shaping perceptions, maneuver, and tactics.  What you say and do and how you say it might change from day to day depending on what’s called for.  Presumably, the gamesmanship is in the service of some worthy policy goal.      

There are some constraints of course… or are there?  Can you get away with calling people names?  Of lying?  Of using the power of your office to threaten others? 

Some wouldn’t do those sorts of things but excuse and provide cover for those who do so long as the policy is ‘right’ or if the person who does abhorrent things is in your party. 

It’s folly though to think that politics, that political behavior, doesn’t have an impact on the broader culture.  What good is your policy victory if by achieving it you’ve helped pollute the culture?

Gov. Lee’s meeting with Christi Rice is encouraging.  This is no Kavanuagh-Blasey Ford scenario.  That had all the markings of a political hit.  The evidence here is overpowering and it relates to the adult-student relationship.  To the rep’s credit, he hasn’t denied anything. 

Speaker Casada either exercised extremely poor judgment or he doesn’t care at all about the signal he sends.  He’s callous, it seems, with respect to the human dignity of very young and vulnerable girls. 

Impressive move by Gov. Lee.  It's going to take ongoing effort to clean that situation up.  If it's left as is?  It becomes normal, part of the culture.      

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