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We Can Do Better_Part 3

Martin Kennedy - Monday, September 30, 2019

Recent tweets... 

Manny Sethi:  It’s time to investigate Joe Biden.  Join me, and sign our petition asking for our government to investigate Joe Biden. 

Bill Hagerty:  Tennesseans want to see the Democrats’ liberal socialist agenda stopped.  They want a conservative senator who will work with the President.

Let’s unpack: 

    1.  We want to go after Biden but ignore Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka?  Hardly seems fair.    

We should be honest in our judgment.  We Can Do Better.    

    2. Some of my best friends are Democrats.  There are fine people on both sides, to borrow a phrase.  Some in my family are Democrats.  They're fine people too, most of the time.  

As for the socialist agenda, what should we call it when we tax American consumers (via tariffs) and transfer the money to farmers?  Not that that is what they want, but we’ve forced them into it. 

What should we call it when we borrow from our children and grandchildren, without their consent, in order to live the good life? 

Whatever it is, it seems worse than socialism. 

Any of us can live the high life by putting it on the credit card, but it doesn’t end well according to Dave Ramsey. 

We Can Do Better 

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