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We Can Do Better_Part 2

Martin Kennedy - Monday, September 30, 2019

I sought a meeting.  The response….

Bill Hagerty tweet:  Thank you, President @realDonaldTrump for continuing to fight for the American people

Manny Sethi tweet:  It’s time to investigate Joe Biden.  Join me, and sign our petition asking for our government to investigate Joe Biden. 

Another from Bill Hagerty:  Tennesseans want to see the Democrats’ liberal socialist agenda stopped.  They want a conservative senator who will work with the President.

More on those tweets soon, but...

Clarity is good.  You’ve lashed yourselves to the mast.  There’s something admirable about loyalty in general.  There’s nothing admirable about subservience to a schemer. 

I never bet on Trump.  He showed us who he was and what he was about in the primary. 

We saw the scam of Trump University, where he dazzled the money away from single moms and guys full of hope looking to make it in real estate. 

We saw it in the race baiting and the attack on the Muslim Gold Star family. 

His attack on a combat Marine, Bob Mueller, was as predictable as it was despicable.   

Yes, clarity is good… it’s just that I think We Can Do Better. 

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