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We Can Do Better

Martin Kennedy - Sunday, September 29, 2019

To: Bill Haggerty, Dr. Manny Sethi

We Can Do Better

Both of you have aligned yourself with Trump and the Trump-wing of the party.  The results are worth considering.   

Deficit spending has increased dramatically even when Republicans controlled the executive branch and both chambers in Congress. 

The promise, from Trump, was not merely to stop deficit spending but to eliminate the debt entirely.  We’re not close.  We’re not close to being close.

We can do better. 

The trade war has hurt Tennesseans, particularly our farmers.  Trade talks are stagnant.

We give farmers bailouts, paid for by American consumers. They don’t want bailouts.  They want to sell their output.  The trade war isn’t limited government.  It’s bossy, meddling government. 

We can do better. 

But, it is your response to the transcript that is most troubling.  You see nothing there?  Nothing worth investigating?      

A senator needs to hold the president, any president, accountable no matter what the polling data shows. 

We can do better.    

No, no one expected either of you to attack the president, but it would be good to see some leadership.    

Instead, we get the ongoing competition between you for who can shine potus's shoes the fastest.  We get... up is down, 2 + 2 = 7, and talk of dolphins flying.  It’s insulting.   

We can do better.    

No senate seat is worth forsaking our heritage.  We’re a nation unlike any other.     

The GOP once stood for limited government, expanded opportunity, and racial reconciliation.  I was part of it.  We stood for honesty, decency, and hard work. 

Can we meet to discuss how we might re-capture that GOP?       


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