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Vaping in the Boys Room

Martin Kennedy - Thursday, September 12, 2019

Among high schoolers, vaping increased an estimated 78% in one year (2017 to 2018).  Fully, 3 million high schoolers vape (one in five) and 500,000 middle-schoolers. 

Vaping can be done surreptitiously.  Harder to detect than ‘smoking in the boys room.’ 

In 2016, cigarette companies spent $8.7 billion on advertising and promotion (34% more than was spent that year on all presidential and congressional campaigns ($6.5 billion)).

Hard policy area.  The state should intervene under the ‘keep the water clean’ rule by, at least, promulgating information or forcing suppliers to supply information. 

The surgeon general declared tobacco carcinogenic (1964) and addictive (1988). With that, smoking today is down to 16% of American adults.  

We can try to raise the cost via taxation but there are tradeoffs (emergence of a black market or pushing kids to a cheaper high).  Did I already note that it’s a challenging policy area? 
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