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The piece (they posted) doesn't support their perspective

Martin Kennedy - Monday, October 16, 2017
What does the Tea Party stand for?
I've never, from the beginning, been clear on that.  I can't be 'pro' or 'anti' a movement I can't comprehend, but they seem to rant a fair amount nonsensically.  Here's a piece they used in the Miami Herald to trash the mayor's (of Nashville) plan to enhance transit.  The problem is...  the piece can be read just as easily as supportive of more funding.  The piece begins by painting an unflattering picture of the commuter experience as experienced by real commuters.  But, the first response is...

“It’s shameful. We’re paying a lot in taxes and in fees for crappy service. You go to New York, Boston, Tokyo, Rome and they have efficient, clean systems. Why not here?” That implies she, the commuter, wants more funding for transit not less.  


“Aren’t we told constantly that Miami is a world-class city? Well, then mass transit can’t be treated like a line item. It’s an investment,” McCloskey said. “We’re not expecting to ride in a Cadillac. But we are expecting to get from point A to point B under reasonable conditions. When I first started using Metrorail, I thought it was genius. It still has potential. They’ve just got to decide to build on it.”
These people want better transit, a large investment.  

Take Randy Raymond. He’s a pharmacologist who lives in Kendall and works at the University of Miami’s medical complex near the Civic Center stop. During a recent train breakdown, he had to get off and take Uber.
“It feels like we’re stuck in the 1980s because it was never really engineered for the future,” he said. “It still doesn’t go to Miami Beach or Kendall or South Dade.

Again, not necessarily a pro-transit piece, but the implication is that transit in Miami is struggling due to not enough investment.  

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