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The Education Industrial Complex

Martin Kennedy - Monday, April 15, 2019
Eisenhower warned, in his farewell address, of the rise of the military-industrial complex, that the defense industry would become just another blob pursuing their own interests.  This past week, the legislature saw a bit of the education-industrial complex.

There are some who truly believe in the value of protecting the large, dominant public school systems, that it, the big, public school somehow makes us better Americans.  Fair enough, but a voucher system, because it fosters competition and innovation, enhances efficiency. 

Because it enables less affluent people to enter into the market, a market that already exists, it improves equity.    

The Ironies: 
  1. That plenty of house Republicans, whose party and cable station have taken to mocking the socialism of AOC and Bernie, tug at their beards and struggle over whether they can trust the market to improve things in education. 
  2.  That Democrats who despise Trump and dislike Gov Lee and Speaker Casada are fighting to have the state maintain enormous control over education.          

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