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Remember Man That Thou Art Dust

Martin Kennedy - Monday, March 11, 2019

A prominent component of post WW2 conservatism was that how one comported himself mattered a great deal.  That was especially important for people in authority.  Any officer or NCO in the military understands that, as does a teacher, or coach.  Any half-witted parent knows that what you do, the model you provide, is far more important that anything you say.

The clerical abuse scandal in the Catholic Church decades has been, for me, a good exercise in humility.  It can be explained and defended, the Church that is, in myriad ways. 

     -- very small percentage of priests  

     -- There was genuine confusion and lack of understanding in years past with respect to counseling and rehabilitation

     -- The vast majority of cases were not pedophilia but rather with teen-age boys

     -- The problem was just as bad in other organizations and denominations etc.    

But, no need to be defensive.  Rather, one can hope that the Church getting hammered over all of it might lead to a greater awareness of, and protection from, sexual misbehavior society-wide. It should impress, one hoped, the important role that leaders have in upholding standards of behavior.    

The ongoing situation at the legislature is scandalous.  The rep in question sounded sincere and contrite in that recorded phone call.  Good people should hesitate to judge harshly.  The speaker’s decision however, to elevate this rep to a chairmanship, remains indefensible. 

The Republican caucus does not look good especially as they pass legislation that goes right to the heart of the dignity of the person and touches on human sexuality.  

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