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Losing Academically as well

Martin Kennedy - Thursday, September 06, 2018

A comment (from a UT grad) on a Facebook thread after their loss on the gridiron to WV…

‘Bama is leveraging their success on the football field to build a university with a geographically diverse student body…building a university with a national reputation. Meanwhile, UT is churning through presidents and chancellors and focusing their student recruitment in state. They don t have a f**king clue!

Another commenter:  Penn State was the top choice this year for graduating seniors (350 of them) from a highly-rated Phila suburban public school.  The second most popular choice?  Univ. of South Carolina. 

TPM: UTK is losing top in-state students.  The WSJ had a piece this week about private colleges discounting sharply to attract top students.  Public colleges are beginning to offer in-state tuition to attractive students.

Maybe the independent boards of trustees will help, but the signal from the legislature is confused.  ‘Sex week’ is stupid but there are bigger fish to fry.  Impeding access to undocumented TN h.s. grads has no discernible public benefit whatsoever.  It's contrary to what should be a primary focus -- attracting superior students to Tennessee.          

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