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Lessons from the Covington Boys…

Martin Kennedy - Friday, January 25, 2019

  1. Perfectly edited, one-minute clip.  Originated in a fake twitter account.  Proliferated by other fake accounts. It’s explosive power was startling.
  2. Some of the main news outlets blew it and were slow to recover
  3. The woke left is as uncharitable and unhinged as the alt right
  4. A Trump invite for the CovCatholicBoys to the WH would be using them as pawns.  It would emphasize identity-based division.  Therefore, we should expect an invite. 
  5. The bishop of Lexington, in an op-ed, reprimanded the boys (the MAGA hats) but was silent on the black Israelites & Native Americans. 
He’s a good shepherd. Partisan displays are inappropriate at that march which has a strong Catholic flavor. The boys are of his flock; the others are not. If you are even 1% to blame… then you are to blame.  If you are to change hearts and minds regarding the dignity of human life, then your comportment, broadly understood, must be beyond reproach.

  1. Finally, a bunch of white h.s. boys from Kentucky going to D.C. and getting caught between the Black Israelites and the Native Americans is great material for a novel.  Would even Tom Wolfe have come up with something so good?         

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