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In-state tuition for Dreamers... why not?

Martin Kennedy - Monday, October 23, 2017

Public radio's Chas Sisk reports that every Republican candidate for governor is against extending in-state tuition for Dreamers.  The reason is unclear.  One says he thinks it unfair.  That's an elastic term -- unfair.  Extending in-state tuition does not represent an outlay of money.  The state is not reaching into its pocket to pay.  A slot at a state school is not much of a cost at all.  That is to say that the marginal cost is close to zero.  
What's it cost to have one more student attend a lecture?  Are these students taking slots away from out-of-staters who are willing and able to pay the full freight, the full out-of-state tuition?  If not, the conservative impulse should be to let them in, no?  

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