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Education and Ethanol Mandates

Martin Kennedy - Tuesday, March 26, 2019

There’s a popular meme floating about, the one that compares public parks with public schools.  Preferring to take $7,500 and make your own decisions when educating your children is akin to paying for a private club instead of using public parks.

It’s a clever tactic, but the wrong comparison.  Think instead of ethanol mandates – the federal government mandates that we use a certain amount of ethanol.  It’s not the best, neither cheapest nor cleanest, renewable energy.  So, why the mandate? 

Because, they grow a lot of corn in Iowa and other midwestern states.  The policy impedes the development of cheap, alternative fuels but persists because there is now a lobby for it. 

Just so with respect to education.  The state’s interest is in having educated citizens.  It should remain neutral regarding where, how, and by whom. 

This is a good test for the Republican caucus, to see who truly believes in limited government and who is just a partisan.  Work out the details.  Dropping home-schoolers was a mistake.  Stop picking winners and losers.     

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