The Benefit of Having an Economist at a Fraction of the Cost
Data is Abundant.  Insight is Scarce. 

A thing is valuable to the extent it is scarce.  In the market for ideas and information, your audience’s time & attention is scarce.  

Sharp insight, informed by data, captures attention.     

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What We Do

Research & Analysis

From chaos to clarity.

Sometimes the question is obvious and the data readily available. Often however, the interesting questions and important insights emerge only as the data is engaged. We build analytical models that yield value. It is as much art as science.


Encouraging Coherence in Healthcare Technology

Market Insight

Data is abundant. Insight is scarce.

The modern world is overflowing with data, but few organizations leverage it to full effect. Our reporting transforms your data into actionable intelligence.


Farm Equipment Index

Policy Market

You have a better story than you realize.

Policy makers and regulators have an enormous impact on market activity. If you don’t tell your story, someone else will or you'll be ignored altogether.


Weighing the Costs of Prescription Requirements

What we've done for clients thus far...   

  1. Interpret, organize, and prioritize data to inform decision-making
  2. Assume responsibility for, and enhance, reports you already send to clients, prospects, or members
  3. Derive a new metric, unique to your organization that will attract, engage, and sustain attention
  4. Provide credible third-party analysis that promotes your initiative / agenda  
  5. Ghost-write (or contribute) to Op-eds and trade publications
  6. Ad hoc reports, white papers, presentations
  7. Statistical modeling and regression analysis

Case Studies

Want a better grasp on what we do? Click on the following case studies to see some examples of our past work.

Case Study 1 - HC Tech White Paper

Research and Analysis


"Encouraging Coherence in Healthcare Technology"

Case Study 2 - Farm Equipment Index

Market Intel


"Farm Equipment Index"

Case Study 3 - Meth Op-Ed

Communication Services


"Weighing the Costs of Prescription Requirements"


Economist on Call began in 2005 when Martin Kennedy, while teaching at Middle Tennessee State University, wrote a weekly report covering state-level legislative and regulatory developments. The report was subsidized by a handful of government relations' practices and trade associations.

The legislative report led to ad hoc contract work. These projects included empirical research, market analysis, and Op-ed pieces for organizations in both the public and private sector. Regardless of the target audience – the legislature, clients, or prospects - credible analysis is scarce, and therefore valuable. We like to think of ourselves as technically skilled guys who really like the humanities.

The Tennessee Policy Market (TPM) is a for-profit think tank.

Our Team

Martin Kennedy, PhD


Martin Kennedy earned his PhD in economics in 2004 from the University of Delaware. He’s taught at the college and graduate level for over 10 years – micro and macro, managerial economics, statistics, and econometrics. Dr. Kennedy is married and a father. In his free time, he enjoys writing. His second novel is due out in late 2017.

John Carswell

Research Fellow

John leads our data-mining efforts. A former submarine officer, he leverages the engineering mindset and critical-thinking skills he learned during his nuclear training and naval career to provide a "full-picture" view of the data sets our clients bring to us. He also has a passion for clearly communicating the value our clients contribute to the market and society at large. John is a digital marketing specialist. He holds a BS from the US Naval Academy and an MA from Belmont University.

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